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30. July 2018
TR4A IRS at the beach sea in the back summer break triumph at carpassionandmore 2018
After a, more literally, summer break I used to spend in the garden, at different projects, getting a big exam behind me and working on various things,i'm back with a lot to write about, so you can expect a lot new entries, maybe even more than usual, over the next week, a few photos I took at events and ... for the first time moving photos - as in movies.
20. July 2018
One day in the garden and not I can eat, for the invitation this afternoon, I can bring the gifts the garden made me (with some work put in of cause) and most my friends (without a garden) in the city enjoy it more than some sweets from the shop. I'm happy, what I can't eat myself, will be enjoyed y them.
08. July 2018
Notice: It is not a Apal hardtop, as written in the source- fuel filler is in the center - is is therefor a Sebring Hardtop - looks like a William and Prichard hardtop, but fitting for thelate bodied MkIV or 15oo Spitfire.. It is rarely seen, since most of the fastback hardtops were made for the early body (Mk1-3).