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20. September 2020
POV driving classic cars - discorsi on cars lenham spitfire Triumph TR4 TR4a TR2
With the eyes of the operator - point of view photographs have been the only ones I got a direct reaction via e-mail during the last year. Some of them even reappear on other site and social media (most of the time without a source) - so evendently there is a need, but I'm wondering if it can substitute anything. Most of the cars are prettier from the outside, flowing forms, chrome, shining colour and you don't get the feel, smell, sound of an old car - only more time to read the dials.
12. May 2020
Triumph Spitfire4 Spitfire1147 Lenhem HArdtop coupe on lift to check the brakes
Inbetween - now the brakes are done, checked - and ready to go the the Austrian MOT ("Pickerl") appointment and ready for the next year - and on the next dry but not insanly hot day I will drive to school with it.
03. October 2018
A few weeks ago I wrote about a short video, friends of mine made (see here for the old blog post), starring my Triumph. It was their first classic car video, a lot of fun and jet much for all to learn. Not only behind the camera while shooting, there is as much to do with music, selection of scenes and uploading. As it is a learning process, there is now the 2.0 Version out. Sadly the old Video, which had almost 1.600 view in 4 weeks, is gone, but a faster forward going video, more different...
12. August 2018
In the first blog entry after my summer break I told you, that it wasn't a lazy summer without any car or gardening output and that there will be more (moving) pictures than before - now, there is the first time I can show you first results. It was the first video for me, but I was only the driver, since I couldn't have done it half as good. But for all of us it was the first classic car video and I hope it won't be the last. If so, you will be able to see them here - hopefully soon.
28. April 2018
Triumph Spitfire Lenham Hardtop Rallye Bonnet in the austrian countryside - carpassionandmore - Classiccar
07. April 2018
Lenham Spitfire 4 Triumph Spitfire Fastback Hardtop carpassionandmore
First time this year, the engine sprung to life, I drove it out into the sunlight, out of the garage.
20. February 2018
Triumph Spitfire Lenham mkIII Fastback hardtop before the restoration begun
The MkIII Spitfire with a Lenham Hardtop I bought a few years ago in the Netherlands, a European delivery car that has spent it's whole life between tulips and windmills and wasn't driven since 1982. It stood relatively dry, the car was solid, the engine came to live after some minor work and ran smoothly. But still it was standing around again until I decided to make it this years project. So over the next months, there is going to be some updates of the restoration to come at the new...
18. January 2018
Triumph Spitfire Lenham  "two piece" targa/surrey style hardtop Torado
One of the rarest hardtops available for the Triumph Spitfire made by Lenham was not their fastback hardtops, of which 4 are known, but the "two piece" targa/surrey style hardtop named Torado. It is the only Hardtop, I have never seen one, not even a modern photograph.
24. December 2017
Triumph Spitfrie 4 MkI 1964 Lenham Hardtop Ex Oswald Gertner car in the snow - a Classic car Merry Cristmas
04. October 2016
Many thanks to Christian, Margit, Michal, Lenka and Thomas who supported me during this race and to make this happen. As well to Benny and Carsmatic ( who did the onboard video - they are on their way to suppling all of us with intresting classic car videos - keep on working!

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