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15. March 2019
Not only in restaurants and food stores regionally sourced items getting more into focus – as well in the ever faster growing, world wide classic car scene a look around your local events can be surprisingly interested. In a small town, only a few miles away, they started a car and cafe styled event.
18. November 2017
11. September 2017
Seen on the internet, a great photo so there should be no more complainig that your MGB isn't big enough to go on holiday or to transport the new bought painting.
16. August 2017
To my knowledge, the only 'B' of it's kind, but not the only colorful, psychedelic car the streets have ever seen. A lot of students painted their second hand cars from the late 60s onwards, following the famous cars the saw on covers, on screen or read about in magazines.
29. June 2017
23. May 2017
29. March 2017
There aren’t many classic cars running around the small Nordic island nation, especially those that are notorious for dissolving via rust. But during a trip to the United Kingdom, Bjartur came across an MG. In this Video, he is telling his story
01. March 2017
MGB Fan Belt Fix Pantyhose - on the Road - Nylon Strumpf Keilriemen Reperatur Oldtimer Classic Car
As I use my MGB as a daily driver, sometimes there are minor problems occurring. Today, the fan belt came off. Sadly it wasn't usable after that, and I had no spare belt as a replacement. But I was able to get a pantyhose and what I ruled under urban legend, did work. To be honest, the first try was only good for 2 miles, but only my knot wasn't tight enough. New knot and I drove home... here is the evidence:
28. February 2017
Everyone knows pictures of classic cars (with wire wheels) rallying in the snow - today as well as in period. MGBs, E-Type Jaguar, Austin Healey,... all of them were most famously confronted with snow at some point, often during the Rallye Monte Carlo.
01. February 2017
MGB with J&S Fastback Hardtop ongoing restoration
After last years focus on Triumph Spitfire Fastback Hardtops, now a short blog entry about Fastback Hardtops for MGB: starting with the J&S aftermarket hardtop

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