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29. March 2017
On 29 March 1927, Sir Henry Segrave and his Sunbeam 1000hp averaged 203.79mph over two opposite runs at Daytona Beach, setting a new Land Speed Record in the process. Now, 90 years later, work has begun to rebuild one of its two 22.5-litre V12 Sunbeam Matabele aero engines. It’s all happening in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, where the Sunbeam has been on display since 1958.
29. March 2017
There aren’t many classic cars running around the small Nordic island nation, especially those that are notorious for dissolving via rust. But during a trip to the United Kingdom, Bjartur came across an MG. In this Video, he is telling his story
29. March 2017
28. March 2017
As seen in the news today, the saudi King Salman visits Jordan and gets picked up by a early 60s Mercedes. Why...? Is this still an official state car in Jordan?
28. March 2017
On this very page, there has been a certain focus on rare fiberglass kits for sportscars of the 60s. Hardtops for TRs, MGs, Spitfire from numerous manufactures. Sprites, later Midgets and the Spitfire were ideal to swap the whole bonnet as well. While Ashley and Lenham Spitfires still very rare, were they big success for Midgets and Sprites. Together with the easy and relatively cheep tuneable A-series BMC engines, they consequently caught on in historic motorsport as well - for ahead of any...
15. March 2017
We nowadays might associate Iran more likely with "Mullah" and "Bomb", but in the 60s, before the islamic, iranian revolution, there were women not only without hijab, but far less covered, and, there were interesting western cars to be seen all around. The most known car enthusiast was the Shah himself, who owned besides a fleet of Rolls Royce a Lamborghini Miura, Mercedes-Benz 540K, , Ferrari 500 Superfast Superamerica, Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada (and over hundred more cars) But if you aren't...
11. March 2017
Hollywood Icon Clark Gable owned a series of interesting cars. Pre war he drove Packerd and Dusenberg, after the war he famously owned two XK120s.
06. March 2017
1920s-30s Riley 9 1100ccm twincam engine carpassionandmore

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