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20. November 2019
My interest in old glass, especially early and mid 19th century Bohemian glass told on another blog entry already, as well as the challenge of making a good photo, I want to add a new aspect. I have confessed, that the joy of looking for and collecting is difficult to describe. Objects, great or small, rare or ordinary, you will always find something. I'm looking on different flea markets for various historical things of interest, some of those on my list are bohemian glasses and while Czech...
18. November 2019
Beemer, Bimmer, Beamer... UK Slang für BMW ( and even BMW knows about and embraces their nickname to a certain extend:
08. November 2019
Green Triumph TR2 on the road in the evening in Austria
With only a few days left before the first snow will hit, I drove to school with the TR2 last week. I started at 6:00 in the morning, lights on, heater on, sidescreens and off through the night. Big gauges, soft light, sound of wind and engine it feels a bit like in an airplane.