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08. August 2018
I have found this photo online (see citation), showing a Triumph Spitfire MkIII (1300ccm), as far as I can tell, completely stock, small 3.5 steel wheels, bumper, windscreen and a normal ride height. The rear axle on massiv negative camber in the typical "tuck in". Only the origin of the photo, the bumper on the door and the driver's helmet let you believe, that this car, in this spec was actually taking part in a race.
22. December 2017
The 1.000.000th Morris Minor rolled off the production line on this day (22. December) in 1960 - the first British vehicle to achieve such high production number.
28. October 2017
Even if you have never been to Texas, you will be familiar with horns of the car or pick-up truck. I have been in Texas in 2010 and seen them actually as part of the regular every day traffic. But in Africa, they have done it a little differently - as on this photograph below
29. June 2017
02. June 2017
TR4 Sweden strt scene
Sweden changes from driving on the left, to the right in 1967. This is the morning after...
26. May 2017
MGB in the snow red MG B Roadster wid rear fenders and wheels, bumperless red car - seen on the internet - carpassionandmore
Some of you have maybe recognized her already - it is Catherine Hepburn. 1933, the very beginning of her career, she was starring in the movie Christopher Strong - apparently about a young independent woman (driving as part of her role a very extraordinary car). As I saw a few minutes of the movie, I wasn't sure what marque the car was. All proportions are wrong to be a Bughatti, no boattail and it seemed fairly large. But it turned out to be one - the only one bodied in the US.
09. May 2017
Kingsroad, London in 1967 - the contrast of sportscars
29. March 2017
28. March 2017
As seen in the news today, the saudi King Salman visits Jordan and gets picked up by a early 60s Mercedes. Why...? Is this still an official state car in Jordan?
14. December 2016

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