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07. April 2017
The Kreisel EVEX 910e handles speeds above 300 kilometres per hour, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and – in contrast to the historical original by Porsche – is licensed for the use on public roads. In cooperation with the EVEX Fahrzeugbau GmbH this vehicle is available as a limited edition. The price for the first purchasable electric car by Kreisel: one million Euros.
07. October 2016
Everyone, even if you are not into cars, you know pictures and videos of Ford T assembly line, and probably full automatic modern plants. But what about beloved classic cars? A few impressions of the factorys, of classic cars before a new owned could proud drive even a miles in his car.
25. September 2016
Group44 TR250 Racing triumph advertisment carpassionandmore
20. September 2016
Porsche Speedster Garage find RM auction Hardtop
Source: RM Auction
15. February 2016
Racing Austria Gaisberg Hillclimb Porsche Alps Bergrennen #carpassionandmore carpassion
Interesting photographs, I found during my search for Triumph Spitfires racing in Austria. From saloon cars, bumpers off, dads racing on the weekend to high class racing cars, everyone tried to be the fastest. Great pictures of a fascinating era of motor racing in the Austrian Alps. All of those were taken in 1965.
11. January 2016
VW Beetles, TR4A, Porsche old garage - photo taken around 1980 Carpassionandmore