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21. February 2018
The 1930/31 Bentley Blower No5, which was built using parts of the famous and victorious 1920s Bentleys Le Mans racecars and further improved during the 1930s. It was part of a raceteam from the Le Mans Winner Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin, who sold it to a hunting friend after a Le Mans project failed. Fitted with a more aerodynamically Vanden Plas body and further sold to Mark Strutt, the car became famous for it's speed. Strutt, who had good contacts to the army was timed at 137mph on the Road...
23. December 2017
To get into the holiday spirit, we are talking a look back in time. Around 100 years ago there are the first sights that the car/motorcycle has come to stay. Not only can we see this in production numbers or the city's street sceneries, but as well on their appearance in artwork and being incorporated into culture - as seen below on two lovely Christmas cards.
28. September 2017
The 1928 Frazer Nash Saloon Car is one of the craziest cars to be thrown around Goodwood - racing successfully against 2-seater specials in the Brooklands-Trophy, is this the story behind.
26. May 2017
MGB in the snow red MG B Roadster wid rear fenders and wheels, bumperless red car - seen on the internet - carpassionandmore
Some of you have maybe recognized her already - it is Catherine Hepburn. 1933, the very beginning of her career, she was starring in the movie Christopher Strong - apparently about a young independent woman (driving as part of her role a very extraordinary car). As I saw a few minutes of the movie, I wasn't sure what marque the car was. All proportions are wrong to be a Bughatti, no boattail and it seemed fairly large. But it turned out to be one - the only one bodied in the US.
29. March 2017
On 29 March 1927, Sir Henry Segrave and his Sunbeam 1000hp averaged 203.79mph over two opposite runs at Daytona Beach, setting a new Land Speed Record in the process. Now, 90 years later, work has begun to rebuild one of its two 22.5-litre V12 Sunbeam Matabele aero engines. It’s all happening in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, where the Sunbeam has been on display since 1958.
11. March 2017
Hollywood Icon Clark Gable owned a series of interesting cars. Pre war he drove Packerd and Dusenberg, after the war he famously owned two XK120s.
06. March 2017
1920s-30s Riley 9 1100ccm twincam engine carpassionandmore
01. March 2017
Gräf und Stift ausstellung Döbling Bezirksmuseum exhibition
Das Bezirksmuseum Döbling freut sich, Sie zum Tag der Wiener Bezirksmuseen und zur Ausstellung Vom Industriebau zum GemeindebauDie Automobilfabrik Gräf & Stift Privatfahrzeuge einladen zu dürfen. Sonntag, 19. März 2017 10-16 Uhr Wo heute einer der größten Gemeindebauten unseres Bezirks, der „Franz-Weber-Hof” steht, befand sich einst einer der bedeutendsten Industriebauten unseres Landes, die Automobilfabrik Gräf & Stift. Die Ausstellung bietet anhand umfangreichen Bild- und...
16. February 2017
30. November 2016

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