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07. June 2018
Known from the hit TV-Show Wheeler Dealers, Edd China has announced his new program, restoring classics, starting with a Jaguar E-Type. The first video preview:
20. February 2018
Triumph Spitfire Lenham mkIII Fastback hardtop before the restoration begun
The MkIII Spitfire with a Lenham Hardtop I bought a few years ago in the Netherlands, a European delivery car that has spent it's whole life between tulips and windmills and wasn't driven since 1982. It stood relatively dry, the car was solid, the engine came to live after some minor work and ran smoothly. But still it was standing around again until I decided to make it this years project. So over the next months, there is going to be some updates of the restoration to come at the new...
25. August 2017
As a result of the tragic news of the death of Sir Roger Moore, a lot of tv replays, pictures in newspapers and blog entries showed him with the iconic Volvo P1800 he drove in his first major role in "The Saint". One question stayed in my head - what happend with this car - it survived... safed and restored by an enthusiast.
13. April 2017
For at least a few decades was the same pump in the garden to get the water out of the well . But over time, less used, corrosion took it's toll. Now, instead of buying a new one, I wanted to restore the pump, to be fully functional and fitting in the garden as a charismatic signature piece.
29. March 2017
On 29 March 1927, Sir Henry Segrave and his Sunbeam 1000hp averaged 203.79mph over two opposite runs at Daytona Beach, setting a new Land Speed Record in the process. Now, 90 years later, work has begun to rebuild one of its two 22.5-litre V12 Sunbeam Matabele aero engines. It’s all happening in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, where the Sunbeam has been on display since 1958.
18. May 2016
11. April 2016
TR4 TR4A Restauration respray repaint conifer green
01. April 2016
Triumph TR4A Resto Update - carpassionandmore
Finally ready for some paint...
14. February 2016
Triumph Spitfire Rallye Bonnet Lenham Hardtop #CarPassionAndMore