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28. June 2016
SAH Bonnet TR4 parked on the right side - The Saint 1963
One of the better car chases, with intresting cars, TRs, Aston Martin,... parked along side, and one rare SAH Bonnet on one of the parked TR4s catched my eyes.
20. May 2016 Further information on SAH Bonnets you'll find in the old blog entries
22. March 2016
How to tell Spitfire hardtops apart - on the first view - Ashley Apal Lenham SAH Hardtop Triumph Spitfire fastback Hardtops overview
07. March 2016
Ashley Spitfire Bonnet Carpassionandmore
A follow up to the one on SAH Bonnets for Spitfire, GT6 and TRs all aftermarket fiberglass bonnets available for Triumph Spitfire. (Ashley, Apal, Lenham, SAH)
03. March 2016
SAH Spitfire Bonnet
Since one popped up this week, a few words and pictures on SAH Bonnets for Spitfire, GT6 and TRs. All Bonnets are made out of fiberglass bonnets have got characteristic air intakes to get more air to the carburettors, only the GT6 needed it differently to fit the engine.
24. October 2015
SAH Spitfire Hardtop
Part on SAH aftermarket fiberglass hardtops available for Triumph Spitfire