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20. September 2020
POV driving classic cars - discorsi on cars lenham spitfire Triumph TR4 TR4a TR2
With the eyes of the operator - point of view photographs have been the only ones I got a direct reaction via e-mail during the last year. Some of them even reappear on other site and social media (most of the time without a source) - so evendently there is a need, but I'm wondering if it can substitute anything. Most of the cars are prettier from the outside, flowing forms, chrome, shining colour and you don't get the feel, smell, sound of an old car - only more time to read the dials.
08. November 2019
Green Triumph TR2 on the road in the evening in Austria
With only a few days left before the first snow will hit, I drove to school with the TR2 last week. I started at 6:00 in the morning, lights on, heater on, sidescreens and off through the night. Big gauges, soft light, sound of wind and engine it feels a bit like in an airplane.
01. October 2019
Triumph TR2 TR4A 12 years apart 1953-1965 of Triumphs 4 cylinder roadster development - Austria discorsi on cars
1953 to 1965, 12 years of development and styling, from the TR2 to the TR4A IRS, the alpha and the omega of the 4 cylinder Triumph Roadster series, together on the road. If you look carefully, you can find a lot of similarities.
14. December 2018
TR2 Triumph RHD driving through Austria onboard - carpassionandmore
If you struggle like I'm doing, with the snowy cold winter, keep in mind this photo is only 6 months ago - and therefor only 6 months from now - warm sunny summer, driving in the TR2 through the hills of Lower Austria.
07. September 2018
The famous, one off, TS20 London Motor show car, further developed, new rear body layout for better handling, then, therefor the first, TR2, ultimately the world speed record car in the hands of Ken Richardson, followed by being extensively used in advertising to promote Triumph - what a car (career). And it is currently for sale - on ebay... I don't know why we see it on ebay, not in the RM Sotherby's London auction and why the national Motor museum isn't buying the car - I do know that in is...
03. March 2018
TR2 short Door from Austria in the snow driving on a track in Winter 2018
Since winter won't go away this year, everything is still frozen hard, so tracks behind the house are not full of those muddy holes they would normally trap a car. It not only made a good photo, it was a nice experience but sidescreens would have been nice to have - therefor it was only a few meters of winter drive.
28. January 2017
The uk internet page allows you to check out the registration data, although sometimes a little mixed up and unclear separated between models, it is an interesting tool. So... How many TRs are current on UK roads...
16. March 2016
Triumph TR2 Francorchamps Coupe in Vienna around 1975 period picture CarPassionandmore