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01. October 2019
Triumph TR2 TR4A 12 years apart 1953-1965 of Triumphs 4 cylinder roadster development - Austria discorsi on cars
1953 to 1965, 12 years of development and styling, from the TR2 to the TR4A IRS, the alpha and the omega of the 4 cylinder Triumph Roadster series, together on the road. If you look carefully, you can find a lot of similarities.
18. September 2019
Car mug with my own tr4a irs open top and with hardtop
In a common mid sized workplace, there are not only a lot of co-workers, but also a lot of boring mugs in the dishwasher. Most of them are white, bought from a famous Swedish furniture store and not only is it impossible to know which mug was mine, most important for me is the fact that I was not able to remember if it was washed, if I have got a clean one or if all of my mugs are in the dishwasher already.
04. November 2018
24. October 2018
Even if I do not drive during the wintertime, the hardtop is ideal to enjoy a cold day in November, with no snow and salt on the road. It was a long journey, from the bare shell I bought, repairs, paint, and the toughest of them all, getting the rear glass in - one winter did pass, furthermore spring and autumn but now - when most of the people put their cars inside the garage, I'm looking forward to drive around with my TR4A and it's hardtop.
23. August 2017
I found the pictures of this nice example of a TR4 as a rally prepare car on: . They were taken during the Maple Leaf Winter Rally in February 2011. Besides the fact, that it is a very early car (production number 217), I want to share the photographs with you, because of the very unusually after market hardtop. It seems to be longer, very cloe to the filler cap and the rear window hasn't got the styling the...
02. June 2017
TR4 Sweden strt scene
Sweden changes from driving on the left, to the right in 1967. This is the morning after...
03. May 2017
A very interesting picture, although raising a few questions. A TR4 body (at least without TR4A trim) but what seems to be a 6-cylinder engine. Most notable of cause the fastback hardtop fixed and a lot of the inner body panals cut away. Therefor it is not a hardtop as such, not properly removable, That's why it's called GTR4 by it's owner.
28. January 2017
The uk internet page allows you to check out the registration data, although sometimes a little mixed up and unclear separated between models, it is an interesting tool. So... How many TRs are current on UK roads...
24. December 2016
Classic Car Christmas MGB Ferrari 250 Braodvan Ford T
29. November 2016
MGA Roadster with Thompson Hardtop fitted

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