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09. May 2017
Parallel parkers have got a rejoice! A Canadian truck driver may have solved your problems. New technology debuted in a video by London, Ontario-based commercial driver William Liddiard shows his Toyota Echo gliding sideways thanks to omnidirectional tires that can roll inward upon themselves. An external motor powered by the car's battery allows sideways travel at about 1 mile per hour at the flip of a switch. It's the result of eight years spent tinkering in a barn and roughly $60,000...
08. May 2017
Since today it was the most asked question and everyone knows the problems with the rear transverse leaf spring - so i decided to republish an old entry
01. March 2017
MGB Fan Belt Fix Pantyhose - on the Road - Nylon Strumpf Keilriemen Reperatur Oldtimer Classic Car
As I use my MGB as a daily driver, sometimes there are minor problems occurring. Today, the fan belt came off. Sadly it wasn't usable after that, and I had no spare belt as a replacement. But I was able to get a pantyhose and what I ruled under urban legend, did work. To be honest, the first try was only good for 2 miles, but only my knot wasn't tight enough. New knot and I drove home... here is the evidence:
22. March 2016
How to tell Spitfire hardtops apart - on the first view - Ashley Apal Lenham SAH Hardtop Triumph Spitfire fastback Hardtops overview
10. March 2016
Ashley Fiberglasbody for Austin 7 CarPassionAndMore
07. March 2016
Ashley Spitfire Bonnet Carpassionandmore
A follow up to the one on SAH Bonnets for Spitfire, GT6 and TRs all aftermarket fiberglass bonnets available for Triumph Spitfire. (Ashley, Apal, Lenham, SAH)
03. March 2016
SAH Spitfire Bonnet
Since one popped up this week, a few words and pictures on SAH Bonnets for Spitfire, GT6 and TRs. All Bonnets are made out of fiberglass bonnets have got characteristic air intakes to get more air to the carburettors, only the GT6 needed it differently to fit the engine.
01. March 2016
Spitfire Lenham Hardtop (and Bonnet) Racing in the UK
Lenham aftermarket fiberglass hardtops available for Triumph Spitfire
28. February 2016
TR4 Rally car Triumph
A lot of cars for motorsport use had vents on the side, TR4s, Big Healeys,... Spitfires as well. For rallye and on the Le Mans cars.
09. February 2016
Apal Spitfire Hardtop
A follow up to the Bonnets, now aftermarket fiberglass hardtops available for Triumph Spitfire

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