My Cars


There is wide range of classic cars, not only my countries, marques or decades, but also their condition, from original unrestored, restored to stock, as it left the factory, to adaptions for a safer and more reliable usage in modern traffic.


And now the car - 4-door salon, sportscar, coupe, or even a historic race car. Different events, days, situations are important. Crucial, what do you want from your car.


There are some for every day, you can specialize on one marque, one genre but with a wide range, you will get different experiences, combined with more resources needed, from tools to spares.

Classic Cars

Triumph Spitfire 1147ccm Lenham Hardtop at the Red Bull Circuit in Austria #CarPassionAndMore

For further pictures and information see: Resto-Blog or click on the picture

Triumph TR4A IRS conifergreen #CarPassionAndMore 1965 original California Export

1965, original conifer green, restored to stock condition (only fog-lights added)

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MG MGB Roadster Austria #CarPassionAndMore hippy hippie car 1969