Since I'm interested in a wide range of classic cars, not only certain countries, marques or decades, different car related projects are always around. Articles, research, restoration, preparing for motorsport or everyday traffic there is always a lot to do.


Most of it is featured as well on the blog, bigger projects will have the blog entries shown here as well.

Spitfire MKIII Lenham Project


The MkIII Spitfire with a Lenham Hardtop I bought a few years ago in the Netherlands, a European delivery car that has spent it's whole life between tulips and windmills and wasn't driven since 1982. It stood relatively dry, the car was solid, the engine came to live after some minor work and ran smoothly. But still it was standing around again until I decided to make it this years project. So over the next months, there is going to be some updates of the restoration to come.

For pictures and information see: Resto-Blog or click on the picture above.


Lenham Spitfire4 Restoration

Lenham Spitfire 4 Triumph Spitfire Fastback Hardtop restoration

History and restoration pictures from the years 2012 to 2016 of my Triumph Lenham Spitfire4 (Ex Oswald Gertner) Car with austrian Racing history in the 60s.

For pictures and information see: Resto-Blog or click on the picture above.