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Origin, History, Found & Way Home

About 5 years ago, I found together with my father two Triumph Spitfire, one Mk3 with SAH hardtop and bonnet and a Spitfire4 (Mk1) with a Lenham hardtop in an old farmhouse in Austria. One sold, one kept and restored since then. Now, 2016, it is finally finished.


Sadly until today, I wasn’t able to research the car’s full history, but with this hardtop, rollbar, differential, wheels and so on, it is safe to say, it was used in some kind of racing in the 60s.


One of the owners, Oswald Gertner, drove a 1147ccm Triumph Spitfire at events in Austria in the 1966 Season against today well-known names such as Helmut Marko, who as well raced a 1147ccm Spitfire in Austria in 1966. Gertner sometimes enlisted his car as "Spitfrie ss" (super-sport?).


The plan was not build a replica, but revitalize the racing character it once was and getting in back on road and track. The bonnet was severely damaged, so we fitted an aftermarket Rally-Bonnet. It looks great and is ideal for the racing opportunities in Austria in time and today. And it is known, a few of those bonnets did escape the factory or were used by privateers (most famously by the SMARTeam, together with the round factory hardtop).



Restoration - Part 1

Restoration - Part 2

Engine rebuild


Restoration - Part 4

Restoration - Part 5

Final steps

Finished car

Final Restoration Video

Finished car at it's first event

Triumph Spitfire Lenham (1147ccm) racing at historic motorsport events - carpassionandmore
Triumph Spitfire Lenham (1147ccm) racing at historic motorsport events

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