Research Austrian Racing Spitfire

Due to the Lenham Spitfire4 I came across almost 10 years ago in a barn in Austria, my interest was sparked.


As it turned out, not only did find something about this particular car, but about other Triumph Spitfires as well.


During the years 1964 to 1967 a few racers used Triumph Spitfire competing in racing events in Austria. Most of them ware not professionally prepared for racing, with at least 3 of them worth a closer look.

Helmut Marko


The Le Mans Winner of 1971 started his racing career driving a fairly stock Triumph Spitfire Mk2 with the registration number G 49 955 in 1966. He drove under the entrant name “Scuderia Graz”. 


Oswald Gertner

Oswald Gertner from Linz, Upper Austria, raced on a Triumph Spitfire4. Sometimes with his car enlisted as "Triumph ss" (super sport?), as he used a Lenham Fastack Hardtop. He competed in several races and hillclimbs before he sold the car in January 1967. He continued his racing passion and competed successfully in 1967 with a Hillman Imp at the hillclimb of Bad Mühllacken.


Eric Hofer

bumperless MkII sponsord by sebring exhausts

Jutta Kern

The female driver Jutta Kern from Salzburg seems to have only been at smaller local events with one exception, when she competed at the Silvretta hillclimb. While the result wasn't spectacular, there a 2 beautiful photography of her red Spitfire up in the Alps surrounded by snow, ice and rocks.


Friedrich Scheidl

 Friedrich Scheidl from Fischamend, Lower Austria, raced in 1965 and 1966 with his Spitfire at local events, his name does appear in several race results.