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Cafe Gasolini Impressions

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Supporting local activity

Not only in restaurants and food stores regionally sourced items getting more into focus – as well in the ever faster growing, world wide classic car scene a look around your local events can be surprisingly interested. In a small town, only a few miles away, they started a car and cafe styled event. 


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Ventilspiel - far away from were it began

Ventilspiel 2017 classic car event Austria Red Bull ring carpassionandmore Ferrari 250 GTO Porsche 911


The Red Bull Circuit, Austria's Formula One Track in the green hills of Styria saw the "Ventilspiel" event of classic sports and racing Cars driving on the track - against the time and not each other.


There where a lot ofcars to see in action - from open wheel historic Formula to a pre-war Riley,  GT and sportcars.



Since I was not driving this year, I finally found time to got around the track, have been at corners I only know from on track and found time to make some photos.

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Still time till snow...

Date Event Link
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2. Sept Cafe Gasolini
18. Sept Giacomo's
22. Sept Cafe Gasolini Night  (see below for more)



18-20. Oct


20. Oct Brno Motortechna (see below for more)
26. Oct Giacomo's
4. Nov Cafe Gasolini
Poster ventilspiel red bull ring austrian classicc ar racing autum event

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StPölten - Browsing through parts

St.Pölten Teilemarkt Classic car parts sale event

You had two choices today, going to the Bad Mühllacken Hillclimb event to present yourself and your car or browsing through the St.Pölten Classic Car Parts Flea Market (as they call it themselves) early morning and spend the rest of the incredibly hot day in your garage or in front of the computer. A few very determined ones made both.


I chose to only see the St Pölten market, to get new stuff, rather than spending time with finished cars. Therefore I can present you a few photos I made today. It is nice sized, it took me 3 hours to go through and see all, without breakfast break or chats with people I met.



If you are close, it is certainly worth a look. You will find a lot of motorcycle and car parts next to various antiques. The parking situation is ok, but not excellent, this year I noticed a rise in both sellers and buyers from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. No wonder, since it is about 4 times the size of the Brno market.

Brno Revival 2018

Brno Revival 2018 MTX Forluma Skoda Easter racecars

The Brno Revival, a classic car event with a AUTO JUMBLE, an exhibition inside the halls and a closed track creating the opportunity to see sports, touring and formula cars driving between the pavilions, took place last weekend.

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