Photography being a hobby of mine, collecting old ones as well as taking pictures myself, it often come hand in hand with other interests.


Cars, Arts, Antiques are common motifs, and they will sometimes be shown in other parts of the websites as well, but while information is key, here I'm focusing on the photo itself.

Under the microscope

Your zipper, an engraved silver spoon or alligator leather - everydaya and historical objects can be intresting, revielaing a deeper view and might bring something new to your eye under the microscope. 

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The sound of blossoms

Wild bee on a lavendula blossom - Discorsi on gardening

While I wander around the garden, I enjoy not only the looks (while I don't really smell - I assume thanks to the chemistry studies at university and therefore don't care as much about for example roses) I enjoy the sounds. From the leaves in the wind to the insects. Starting in March, when the sound of frozen weeds in the wind changes to the humming of wildbees all around the willows.

And now, in May the mellows, in June the Lavendula attracts more and more. 

Gardening and photography hand in hand, standing still, listening and taking a photo of those pollinators...



On the photo you can not only see the different types of blossom more detailed, but the insects as well.

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A garden with a midas touch

Narzissen Narcissus in the garden

Due to the relatively wet and heavy turf and my philosophy of not fortifying to much only in order to get a plant into the garden rather than choosing suitable ones for the conditions available it seems hard sometimes to get for example spring blossoms. Bulbs are ideally for “lazy”, lets say time efficient, gardening, but sadly the idea of tulips everywhere did not work well, but narcissi did – once planted – every day new anticipation when the tips of the leaves are to be seen in early spring - and again now with the first bright yellow blossoms.

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Young Gablenz

 Ludwig Freiherr von Gablenz in young age as Major of a Ulan Regiment around 1850
Ludwig Freiherr von Gablenz in young age as Major of a Ulan Regiment around 1850


Bought on the local fleamarket, a photograph of an Austrian soldier in the 1850s. It shows a relatively young Major of a Ulan regiment, dark green tunic with red piping, golden lacing on the collar and the cuffs, showing his rang as staffofficer. He wears the sword for cavalry officers pattern 1850 and the Military-Merit decoration, the Leopold Order and the Military Maria Theresia Order all 3rd class.


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MGA Autumn Evening Photo

Car Art Photography - August 2018

In the continuing themes of the blog, the combination of my passions Photography and Cars - taken at home, at car shows, events,... I'm focusing on details everyone should recognize but never took time to look at it carefully to see the beauty. On the cars and the garages they are in.

Giacomo's - April

Friday evening, 35 minutes outside of Vienna, in the lower Austrian countryside, a soccer-stadium parking lot at Sieghartskirchen - the first time Car and Coffee event was held. What to expect, a few  cars, certainly the place has got potentially good catchment area, but tractors, bikes, modern bodystyling  Japanese Hatchbacks - to be honest with you, a wasn't sure and 50 vehicles would be a success. So I though at first.


As I arrived, an time, 50 cars where already parked, more then 150 cars, 25 tractors and maybe 50 or even more bikes forming a   charismatic mix, coffee ranging from pre-war to modern supercars. Some went after half an hour, others came later, new cars to be seen every few minutes.


See for yourself, a first impression of cars and atmosphere:


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Cafe Gasolini - April

Today early morning saw the Car and Coffee at the famous scrapyard of Josef Metzger at the SCS shopping center. At the event were about 35 cars, from the 40s to the 70s forming a  charismatic mix, coffee and breakfast from an iconic HY-Van, meeting a lot of other car enthusiasts and friends. Hopefully the word will spread and more cars and owners will attend at the next events. As it is Sunday morning, with family and other things going on, it is a lovely destination, for you with your car, if you have got a free weekend. On the other hand, therefor a bigger crowd is needed, to have constant or growing number of cars, if everyone can manage 4 times a year a free Sunday morning to spend with friends, coffee and other classic cars.


Upcoming dates: 6. May, 3. June

Further information:


Springday Photos

Today I walked around a took a few photos of flowers in the garden.

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Biedermeier glass

Bidermeier Goblet glass uranium Austria
Bidermeier Goblet glass  Austria

The Biedermeier time (in central Europe the time between the Napoleonic wars ~ 1815 to the revolution of 1848) when the focus was on the house, family, small trustworthy groups as a reaction of strict anti-revolutionary actions by the government.

As a reactions the people wanted to have a lovely interior, pieces at home, where they hosted gatherings and spend a lot of time. One of those artistically made everyday object ware glass goblets. During the wintertime I found finally some time to make a few photographs. For me they have a certain beauty, geometrically details, the reflections ans shine of the glass and the knowledge of 200 years old glass combined is fascinating. But it is a challenge for me to captiure those in a photo. These are my first tries, hopefully I will be able to make better ones during the winter, experiment with other light sources and to create a more even backgrund but still be able to direct light trough the glass.

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